Tania Marinkovich



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One On One Yoga is great for singles, couples, family, flatmates or businesses - enjoy the freedom and ease of yoga in your own home or work place.  No need to travel or to organise everybody, just request a time and Tania will take you through a practice suitable to everybodies needs.


One on One Yoga is perfect for beginners to advanced.  Whether you have done Yoga before or not, it is a safe way to start and an intelligent way of tweeking your practice and going a bit deeper. It is also favorable for those who have ailments, aches and pains, as you can go at your own level and pace, therefore catering for your particular body type.  Beginners can enjoy easy & comfortable asanas, aiding in strength & flexibility and those with a bit more experience can enjoy either restorative (yin yoga) or energizing power yoga (yang), depending on the individual's preference.  Classes are aimed at balancing body and mind through the ancient art of yoga while integrating Yoga Philosophy, however, if you're a bit shy of philosophy or would rather just stick to the basics of a stretch class, this is totally feasible too.  Whatever works for you, Tania will adapt. 

Start your journey for personal development now.

Cost:  $90 per hour