Tania Marinkovich



CULTIVATE YOUR FIRE WITHIN Through the Divine Art of Yoga

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Yoga gets oxygen into the blood and into all the muscles and organs.  This purifies the blood stream, clearing blockages in the body.  It stimulates and promotes good functioning of every organ system in the body.  Yoga regulates the adrenal, thyroid and thymus glands.  It tones the internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, gallbladder for healthy functioning.  It balances left and right hemispheres of the brain; enhancing creativity and preventing mental illness.  Yoga helps with weight loss both physically and mentally by toning the body and creating awareness.  Yoga helps with digestion, processessing food (body) & information (mind).  Yoga cultivates contentment and acceptance in life as it is a link to the spiritual world where you come to the realization that you are already in spirit, already free & already happy.  

Join me and let Yoga enhance your Quality of Life . . .


Tania studied at Wellpark College where she was trained in Hatha Yoga and completed the Yoga Diploma.  She found Vinyasa Yoga in her early twenties; drawn to the continuous flow of movement with the breath reflecting the passion of her previous years as a dancer.  She fell in love with Yoga Philosophy and now dedicates her life to teaching others Patanjali's 8 limbs so they too can find freedom and happiness within. 


One On One Yoga - this is great for singles, couples, family or flatmates - enjoy the freedom and ease of yoga in your own home.  No need to travel, just request a time and Tania will take you through a practice specific to your needs.